Jason Paige

Jason Paige, D.D.S.

Alumnus (D.D.S. '06)

He graduated and left the Virginia Commonwealth University School of Dentistry in 2006, but Jason Paige, D.D.S., remains close and connected to his alma mater.

“One of the ways that I still stay connected with the dental students, the current dental students, is making sure I stay in contact with the current members of the Student National Dental Association,” said Paige. “Through their activities, it allows you to see what is going on at the school and if there are any changes and if there's anything they want to discuss or if they need somebody to just listen to what's going on at the school.”

Paige also involved himself with efforts surrounding the Francis M. Foster, D.D.S./Student National Dental Association (SNDA) Scholarship Fund, which supports current members of the SNDA through annual scholarships while honoring Foster’s memory. “He was one of the great teachers when I was here and, you know, just made my time here nicer, and, through the years, I've actually met his family. Through that fund, I just want to make sure that I give back,” shared Paige.

Paige credits the VCU School of Dentistry with teaching him to work well with people and work in the community. “What they do really well is have you do external rotations out around Virginia, and that gets you ready to work out on your own and make your own decisions as far as treatment is concerned,” said Paige. “That allowed me to be more comfortable when it came time to open up my own office.”

He currently practices general dentistry in the Northside of Richmond, Va., and Paige hopes one day soon to return to the dental school as an adjunct faculty member.