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Application process

Phase I

Please submit the following information.

  1. CAAPID application
  2. Official TOEFL score
    • Applicant must submit an official iBT TOEFL score through ADEA CAAPID. The program prefers a total score of at least 94 with a minimum of 20 in each section. This requirement may be waived if the applicant has received a degree from an accredited US institution.
  3. Transcript evaluations
    • Applicant must submit an official, detailed, course-by-course evaluation by ECE or WES to ADEA CAAPID.
  4. Letters of evaluation
    • The program prefers one letter of evaluation to come from the dean or a faculty member of the dental school from which the applicant graduated. The second letter should come from a dentist practicing in the United States who supervised or worked with the applicant in a clinical or educational setting. The third letter should come from someone the applicant has been supervised by in a professional setting. Letters must be less than 2 years old. Please send all letters to ADEA CAAPID.
  5. Application fee
    • Send a non-refundable application fee to the VCU International Dentist Program (not to ADEA CAAPID) after submitting the ADEA CAAPID application and online fee.
    • A non-refundable application fee of $80 in the form of a check or money order made payable to VCU School of Dentistry may be mailed. An online payment option is available, please contact our office for details.
    • The ADAT is optional for this program but if an applicant has taken the ADAT the applicant should submit scores to the program. The absence of an ADAT score will not negatively impact the chances of an applicant being granted an interview.
    • More information about the ADAT can be found at the American Dental Association.
    • Review the ADAT Guide for more information.

You MUST include your full legal name, address, telephone number and email address with every mailing sent to the VCU International Dentist Program. Send all information to the following address:

Attn: Dr. Gottlieb
International Dentist Program
Virginia Commonwealth University
School of Dentistry
520 North 12th Street
P.O. Box 980566
Richmond, Virginia 23298-0566

Please allow 72 hours for our staff to process your application before contacting our office. We will contact you and let you know that your application has been received.

Once the candidate‚Äôs application is received in our office, it is then reviewed and a decision is made on whether or not an interview will be granted. We highly discourage applicants calling our office to find out the status of their application.

Phase II

Applicants who successfully complete Part I of the application process and are considered potential candidates will be required to participate in an interview led by faculty members at the VCU School of Dentistry, as well as a bench test using mannequins in the preclinical laboratory.

A dental school is a professional environment and candidates are expected to dress accordingly. Men should wear suits or sport coats with ties and women should wear suits or dresses. Attire such as blue jeans, miniskirts, shorts, flip-flops and tennis shoes are not recommended.

The following information must be sent directly to the VCU International Dentist Program office once an applicant is invited to interview.

  1. NBDE Parts I and II
    • You must send your official NBDE Part I and Part II scores directly to our program.
  2. Proof of residency
    • The program prefers candidates who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents but will consider all residency statuses. Send a copy of your immigration document (U.S. passport, permanent resident card or visa) directly to our program.
  3. One passport picture (2" x 2")
  4. Bench test fee
    • Instructions for submitting your $200 non-refundable bench test fee will be sent with your interview invitation.

Bench test preparatory course

VCU offers a Bench Test Preparatory Course in restorative dentistry for international dentists. For three days, participants will develop a working portfolio of their work in restorative dentistry that may be used in an admission process for dental programs. The course is not required nor does it guarantee admission to any dental school.

Virginia Commonwealth University
School of Dentistry
Lyons Dental Building
520 North 12th Street, Fourth Floor
P.O. Box 980566
Richmond, Virginia 23298-0566
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