As part of the VCU Simulation Consortium, the VCU School of Dentistry joins VCU’s other health sciences schools in incorporating a range of simulation practices into its curricula, regularly exposing students to lifelike scenarios that reinforce and enhance knowledge gained from classroom education.

Realizing the potential and the advantages uses the latest technologies available for teaching, the VCU School of Dentistry, like other leading dental schools worldwide, uses virtual reality-based technology to enhance and improve students’ learning and performance. VCU dental students use this technology as part of their preclinical training, enabling them to treat patients earlier than in years past.

Virtual reality simulation

The VCU School of Dentistry is one of seven dentistry schools in the nation with DentSim technology, an interactive system combining a patient, an online instructor and a limitless data bank of dental procedures and medical data into one product.

The benefits of this technology are numerous:

  • Students are able to prepare more teeth and reach a higher performance level in less time in comparison to the traditional teaching system.
  • The instructors may use the additional course time to extend students’ knowledge.
  • The learning process is more effective and allows for advanced training for students (clinically and theoretically), making them better dentists upon graduation.
  • Stronger/weaker students are easily identified and assisted.
  • More patients can be seen at the school and the distribution of patients to different levels of treatment is more efficient, leading to better treatment for patients and more experience for dentists as they enter the professional community.