Doctor of Dental Surgery (D.D.S.)

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The curriculum in the dental school is organized into a competency-based four-year program leading to the Doctor of Dental Surgery degree. The academic year begins in July and extends through June. The program emphasizes study in three broad areas: biomedical sciences, clinical sciences and behavioral sciences.

  • The biomedical sciences include the in-depth study of human anatomy, genetics, material science, microbiology, pathology, pharmacology and physiology.
  • The clinical sciences prepare the student for the actual practice of dentistry and provide exposure to the various specialties in dentistry.
  • The behavioral sciences cover such topics as dental health needs, the system of health care delivery, practice management, professional ethics and behavioral factors.

Laboratory and clinical experiences are offered throughout the four years of study to develop the skills and judgment vital to the practice of general dentistry.

In general, courses offered as part of the curriculum in dentistry are not available to other students in the university. Exceptions may be granted by the dean of the School of Dentistry to students enrolled in graduate degree programs upon written request of the department chair in which the student is seeking a degree.

Please visit VCU Bulletins for complete information on the D.D.S. curriculum.

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